The Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) has initiated an update of the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Master Plan.


An airport master plan is a comprehensive study of an airport that documents the short-, medium-, and long-term development plans needed to meet future aviation demand.  The master plan will provide the framework needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand, while considering potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.


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PIT is a growing major economic generator for southwestern Pennsylvania. Since completion of the previous master plan in 2006, the Airport has evolved from a connecting hub to an origin and destination (O&D) facility.  In the last year, airlines have launched new service from PIT, new routes have been added, and development surrounding the airfield is growing.

Because of PIT’s growth as on O&D airport, it becomes essential to identify subsequent actions to maintain and enhance the Airport’s facilities. In addition, federal law requires the ACAA to maintain an up-to-date airport layout plan that depicts existing and proposed facilities, infrastructure and structures. To comply with this ongoing requirement and to exercise prudent airport planning, the ACAA is undertaking a master plan update study to provide a framework for future airport development.


The Master Plan Update study is divided into two phases, will take place over two years and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.  The master plan process will assess expected growth in activity in the region and at the Airport, will gauge existing facilities’ ability to meet that future demand and will identify potential development solutions.  The Master Plan Update ultimately will identify the Airport’s development path through 2033.


During the first phase, planners will focus on gathering information about existing facilities and prepare a 20-year forecast of passenger and aircraft activity.  Phase I will also include assessing existing facility capabilities and future facility needs for the terminal and parking facilities.  During Phase II, planners will assess existing facility capabilities and future facility needs for the airfield, ground access areas, air cargo, general aviation and support functions.  Phase II will also include assessments for aircraft noise, environmental considerations, phasing plans and financial planning.


The “gap” between existing facility capabilities and future facility needs will provide the basis for creating development alternatives. Alternative concepts will be reviewed through an evaluation process resulting in the selection of a preferred plan for facility development.


Throughout the planning process, stakeholder coordination will be critical to ensuring that the selected plan meets users’ needs by providing an efficient facility in a cost-effective manner while maintaining the Airport’s role as the region’s economic driver.



Project Activity


April 1, 2014

A Master Plan Update “Kick-Off” session was conducted for all project stakeholders.  General information was presented such as airport background, project schedule, key project elements and responsibilities of the various project committees.  Orientation sessions were also held for the Terminal Planning Committee/Focus Group and the Goals & Objective/Customer Service Committees.


The Terminal Planning Committee/Focus Group orientation session focused on its primary purpose and responsibilities which includes participating in discussions and work sessions related to terminal facility components by providing information, ideas and perspective pertaining to 1) areas of concern in the existing terminals (airside and landside), 2) state of improvements, and 3) discussion of ideas to address existing and anticipated issues, improve the airport user experience, reduce operating costs or improve revenue generation.


The Goals & Objective/Customer Service Committee orientation session focused on its primary purpose and responsibilities which includes refining the goals and objectives of the Master Plan Update (MPU) and monitoring the progress of the Consultants in their development of a program that will allow the Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) to achieve those goals and objectives.



April 2, 2014

An orientation session was held for the Steering Committee.  Discussion was focused on reviewing the Committee’s primary purpose and responsibilities which are to provide a holistic perspective across all elements of the MPU.  This committee will assist the ACAA’s Project Manager in evaluating the relative values to ACAA of potentially competing development interests.



April 10, 2014

An orientation session was held for the Forecast Committee/Focus Group.  Discussion was focused on the reviewing the Committee’s primary purpose which is to provide information pertaining to ACAA’s efforts to increase air service and the demand for air service within the PIT market.


June 11, 2014

The first meeting was held for the Forecast Committee/Focus Group.  Focus of the meeting was a review of the initial findings of Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) market overview and catchment analysis and to identify areas requiring new or additional review/research.


Next key step for the Forecast Committee and Focus Group is to review the draft forecasts for passengers, cargo, and aircraft operations.



June 11, 2014

The first meeting of the Customer Service Focus Group was held and included a group of local business travelers who frequently use and the airport.  They provided insight to their likes and dislikes of the airport.  Additional meetings are planned for other users groups of the airport.


Next step for the Customer Service Focus Group is to meet with other users groups who use the airport to discuss their likes and dislikes of the airport.



June 19, 2014

The first meeting was held for the Terminal Planning Committee/Focus Group.  This meeting focused on “Rethinking the Passenger Experience” at PIT as well as identifying terminal redevelopment needs to achieve the Goals and Objectives of the master plan.


The next key step for the Terminal Planning Committee/Focus Group is to review draft development concepts for the Landside and Airside Terminals.


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