Joslin Field, Magic Valley Regional Airport


Various study information, summaries, and documents will be posted to this page as they are made available.  In addition, once the entire Draft Master Plan Update report has been completed, it will be posted here and available for review. 
Please note that some of the documents provided below are in PDF format and require a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat) to be viewed.

Background Information

Click here to view a recent aerial photograph of TWF, depicting the existing layout of the Airport, as well as the environs surrounding the Airport.

A number of development projects have been completed at TWF over the years. Click here to view a graphic depicting historical development of the Airport.

The previous update of the Airport’s Master Plan included development of an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing depicting then existing Airport facilities and infrastructure, as well as potential future Airport development. Click here to view the existing ALP drawing.  An update of this ALP drawing will be completed as part of the ongoing Master Plan Update.

Aviation Activity Forecasts

Aviation activity forecasts are a critical element of an airport master plan.  The forecasts form the basis for effective airport planning decisions and are used…

Examples of the types of aviation activity projected in the forecasts include enplaned passengers and aircraft operations. Typically, aviation activity forecasts for purposes of an airport master plan span a period of 20 years.  For purposes of this Master Plan Update, the base year for the forecasts is 2009, with projections developed through 2029.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the master plan forecasts in December 2010. Click here to view a summary of the approved enplaned passenger and aircraft operations forecasts for TWF. Detailed information regarding the development of the forecasts will be documented in the Master Plan Update report.