Joslin Field, Magic Valley Regional Airport

Public Workshops

Throughout the Master Plan Update study process, a series of public workshops will be hosted by the Airport and are open to the general public.  Representatives from the Airport and the consultant team will be on hand to discuss/present the latest study information through display boards and other presentation materials.  These workshops provide an excellent opportunity for direct discussion, feedback, and comment.

Public Workshop #1

The first public workshop was held August 30, 2010 in the Airport terminal lobby and provided general information about the Airport and the Master Plan Update study process.  To view the brochure distributed at the workshop, please click here.

Public Workshop #2

The second public workshop was held March 30, 2011 in the Airport terminal lobby and presented the FAA-approved aviation activity forecast for the Airport, as well as an overview of the facility requirements and development concepts produced through the master plan process.

Public Workshop #3

The third and final public workshop is scheduled for Friday September 9, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Airport terminal building. This workshop will be an informational session about the recommended development plan that has been produced through the master plan process. The workshop will allow the public to provide verbal and/or written comments related to the master plan.