Welcome to the Dayton International Airport FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update

Dayton International Airport is one of the ten busiest air cargo airports in the United States and is ranked among the top 100 airports in terms of air passenger traffic. As the greater Dayton, Ohio region grows Dayton International Airport will face increasing demands in terms of cargo and air passenger traffic. The City of Dayton is committed to ensuring that this growth and expansion result in as minimal an impact to the surrounding community as is reasonably possible.

In September 1999, the City of Dayton Department of Aviation voluntarily commenced an aircraft noise study under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 150, Airport Noise Compatibility Planning, to evaluate and update its noise programs. The study which is nearing completion was conducted to help the City to evaluate the effectiveness of its current noise programs and develop future noise programs to address future growth. While the FAR Part 150 study is independent of the Strategic Master Plan Update, certain capital improvements recommended in the Master Plan study were evaluated in the FAR Part 150 Noise Study.

What is a FAR Part 150 Study?
Federal Aviation Regulations Part 150, Airport Noise Compatibility Planning, was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a final rule in January 1985. FAR Part 150 sets forth the methodology and procedures to be followed when preparing aircraft noise exposure maps and developing airport /airport environs land use compatibility programs.

FAR Part 150 studies consist of two primary components: (1) the Noise Exposure Map (NEM) report which contains detailed information regarding existing and 5-year future airport/aircraft noise exposure patterns, and (2) the Noise Compatibility Plan (NCP) which includes descriptions and an evaluation of noise abatement and noise mitigation options/programs applicable to an airport.

How can I get involved?
The FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study process encourages the participation of citizens and public agencies. The City of Dayton is interested in hearing from you if aircraft noise is a concern. Your comments can be submitted by (1) using the form on this web site, accessible via Comments;(2) faxing them to the attention of Maceo Clarke, Jr., Noise Mitigation Manager at (937) 454-6580; or (3) mailing them to the Department of Aviation:

FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update
Attn: Maceo Clarke Jr., Noise Mitigation Manager
3600 Terminal Drive, Suite 300
Vandalia, Ohio 45377

The FAQs pages and the Public Involvement pages on this website contain information on public workshop schedules and topics covered, and information on committees that have been established for the FAR Part 150 Study, including the Community Advisory Committee.

Project Progress
The FAR Part 150 Study Update was completed in November 2002. For an up-to-date summary of project progress, please go to the  What's New link.  For a copy of the Executive Summary for the 2003 Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) click here.

An Addendum to the FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update was prepared during the 4th quarter of 2004.  A Public Workshop was held on December 1, 2004 to discuss the findings of the Addendum.  The Workshop Announcement is located on the Schedule page.  An Executive Summary for the Addendum is located on the What's New page.